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By | September 4, 2016

Rajasthan Public Service Commission conducts competitive exams every year. RPSC is going to conduct the second grade Bharti exam very soon. Recently RPSC uploaded the syllabus of written exam for second grade, aspirants can check syllabus subject wise. RPSC has been uploaded the recruitment notification number 3/2016 for 6,468 teachers in the subject of Maths, Social science, Science, Hindi, Punjabi Language, English, Sanskrit and Urdu. There were more than 4 Lac candidates applied for the second grade teachers. Now all candidates are preparing for written examination,in this article we are providing subject wise syllabus and exam pattern.

Exam pattern & selection procedure for Second Grade Teachers |

RPSC Second Grade Teacher Syllabus

The selection will be trough written exam only. There will be two question papers in written examination, first paper will be equal to 200 marks and second paper will be equal to 300 marks.Duration of first question paper will be 2.00 hours and 2.30 hours for second paper. read subject wise syllabus below carefully.

Paper first will be common for all candidates and question will asked from  Geographical, Historical, Cultural and general knowledge of Rajasthan,  Current Affairs of Rajasthan,  General knowledge of world and India and Educational Psychology.  Second paper will be subject wise which has been choose from candidates.


History : – Questions will be asked from given below topics.

Indus Valley Civilization – its salient features,  Vedic Age – Social and religious life, Budhism and Jainism – Teachings, Causes of rise and fall of Buddhism. Mauryas and Guptas,   Bhakti and Suffi system. Mughal Period – (1526-1707) – Administrative features and cultural achievements.

 Legecy of Shivaji, Freedom Movement – Background of 1857,  Birth of Congress, Role of Gandhi, Partition of India, French Revolution, American War of Independence & Russian Revolution.

,League of Nations and the U.N. andIndia’s role in World Peace.


Number system : Irrational numbers, real numbers and their decimal expansions, operation on real numbers, Laws of exponents for real number, Fundamental theorem of Arithmetic. Plane Geometry : Angles and lines at a point, Angles made by a transversal with two lines, classification of triangles on the basis of sides and angles, Rectilinear figures, congruence of triangles, inequalities of triangles,

Similar triangles, Area of plane figures, Circles, Arcs and Angles subtended by them, Tangents to a circle.

Algebra : Linear Equations (in two variables), Polynomials in one variable, zeroes of a polynomial,

Remainder theorem, Factorization of polynomials, algebraic identifies, Mathematical induction, Binomial theorem, Quadratic equations and nature of root.

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